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Koshu Wine and Food Pairing Session

Part2, Yashin Ocean House

Koshu Wine and Food Pairing Session Part2, Yashin Ocean House

Yashin Ocean House is one of London's top sushi restaurants, renowned for its use of aged raw fish. Knowledgeable lovers of Japanese food claim it is one of the best places to eat sushi outside Japan. Peter McCombie MW was there to lead the second Koshu Wine and Japanese Food Paring Session for a promotional article for Decanter magazine.

The photographers set up their lighting in the exclusive private dining room, and the session began. In front of Peter were five Koshu Wine bottles. Accompanied by Head Sommelier Raku Oda, Shinya Ikeda, Executive Chef and Co-Founder of Yashin came up with five dishes to match the wines. Three of them were exquisite nigiri sushi. And those were the stars of the session!

The first sushi plate featured assorted aged white fish; the second included three kinds of shellfish and the last plate contained tuna, aji-mackerel and salmon. A guest at the session remarked that when she tasted Koshu wine with one of the nigiri sushi, the sensation in her mouth made the hair on her skin rise. Peter commented: “The Koshu is acting not just as good, unobtrusive company, but also as a powerful force to enhance all of sushi's characteristics.” When he exclaimed “Koshu IS the best wine for sushi”, Sommelier Raku said “Yes, that’s why Koshu is the most popular wine of all in our restaurant.”

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Koshu Wine and Food Part2, Yashin Ocean Houser
Koshu Wine and Food Part2, Yashin Ocean Houser

Part1, ROKA Mayfair

Koshu Wine and Food Pairing Session Part 1, ROKA Mayfair

The lunchtime service started at ROKA Mayfair, a top Japanese restaurant in London.

We were at a table with Peter McCombie MW, one of the UK’s experts on Koshu wine. Peter was leading a Koshu and Japanese food pairing session commissioned by Jfoodo for a promotional article in Decanter magazine.

After tasting each of the four Koshu wines with his guests, the food pairing session started. ROKA Group Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer Laura Blanchett, and ROKA Mayfair’s Head Chef Andre Camilo, had come up with an array of beautiful Japanese dishes to pair with the four quite different styles of Koshu wine.

With the first few dishes, everyone was tasting every mouthful carefully and listening intently to what Peter had to say. Somehow the mood changed when a plate of Nigiri sushi with fresh tuna and scallop toppings was served, accompanied by N Koshu 2017 from the Kurambon winery.

Peter remarked: “The low acidity and iron content of Koshu makes it the best wine for sushi, especially expertly-prepared Sushi like ROKA’s. Taste the difference between the sushi you find in UK Supermarkets and that presented here.”

While he was talking the Nigiri disappeared so quickly our photographer only managed to catch one shot of the scene.

That was one of the most successful pairings of the day.

Koshu Wine and Food Pairing Session Part 1, ROKA Mayfair
Peter McCombie MW:
Master of Wine, Co-chairman of International Wine Challenge, a restaurant wine consultant, writer, speaker and an examiner for the Institute of Masters of Wine. His passion for wine took him from his native New Zealand to London, a perfect base from which to explore the fascinating world of wine.
Peter McCombie MW:

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